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Period Wellness Bundle

Period Wellness Bundle

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Introducing our Period Wellness Bundle, a thoughtfully curated collection designed to empower and pamper you during your periods.

This kit comes with: 

1. A Boondh menstrual cup and a cloth pad

2. Handcrafted Qissa soaps from a women led small business. Vegan and made with natural fragrances. Available in 6 natural fragrances.

3. A mindfulness journal by Youth Alliance with daily prompts that will help you ground yourself amidst your whirlwind-ing period mood swing. 

4. A vegan and cruelty free Cosmix Protein Mix sachet to energies and care for your body. Comes in 6 different flavours, each order will receive two different flavoured sachets. 

Embrace comfort and sustainability with a high-quality menstrual cup and a soft, reusable cloth pad that ensures you feel secure while reducing environmental impact.

Elevate your self-care routine with our handcrafted soap, made with love and natural ingredients to provide a gentle touch. Immerse yourself in mindfulness with our beautifully designed journal, guiding you through moments of reflection and self-discovery.

Fuel your body with our protein mix, offering a delicious and nutritious boost to keep you energized and resilient. As a special bonus, express yourself with our free funky stickers – because periods should be embraced with style!

Invest in your well-being with this all-in-one bundle that combines practicality, comfort, and a touch of fun. Embrace your natural rhythm with confidence and care.

Check out the resources available on our website for more information: 1) I HAVE A QUESTION, an introduction to diverse menstrual conditions for adolescents and adults/trainers of all ages. The book also includes a bunch of interactive exercises on 'how to start a conversation' around disability rights, menstrual disorders, gender spectrum and so on; 2) LEGAL LITERACY TOOLKIT, to familiarise yourself with your legal rights as a menstruating person in India.

Periods are painful but we're here to care for you, with a touch of groovy sustainability so that you can honour your flow as you go!

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