At Boondh, a significant chunk of our outreach work happens through workshops, each designed and contextualised to suit the specific audience group. We believe strongly in the power of safe, non-judgemental spaces, experience sharing and active listening, and strive to realise these tenets.


Campus Catalyst Program

This six month long engagement program enlists young change makers to look at menstruation as a more holistic phenomenon through lenses of sociology, history, biology and the environment over approximately 40 hours worth of sessions. This programme covers a wide range of topics such as menstruation, creating safe spaces and building leadership skills. The hope is that by the end of the program, the Catalysts can facilitate conversations towards creating a more period positive society.

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Green Period Educator Program

The Green Period Educator (GPE) program is a thorough three month long programme open for professionals - corporate and non-corporate, young and old - who wish to spark action for inclusivity and sustainability in menstruation within their networks, be it offices, families or even social media.

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CSR Interventions

If you are a company looking to initiate or widen your existing initiatives related to gender empowerment, public health, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), waste management, environment sustainability, organizational policies etc. and/or if you intend to work with menstruators, be sure to write in! We’re always excited to synergize and tailor short and long term engagement programs based on a needs assessment and specific CSR mandates.

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Menstruation at Workplaces

Change begins at home, right? So if you’re seeking to augment knowledge, attitudes and behavior surrounding menstrual health within your organisation and build a more robust menstruator-friendly environment, we would be obliged to join in on your journey!

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Non-Profit Collaborations

We believe that organizations working in the space of Gender, Health, Rights, Empowerment, Waste Management and Sustainability are great collaborators! If you work in the development sector and see a potential intersection between your work and ours, we’d love to be in touch with you! We are driven towards adding value to the existing stream of work and help pilot new initiatives towards period positivity.

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