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Sponsor a Cup

Sponsor a Cup

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Note: Please be reminded that you are sponsoring this cup to someone in need. There is no shipping cost for this product.

(Though you may submit your address, it will be used for billing purposes only. We donate this product which you have purchased)

Boondh primarily works with economic and ecologically sensitive communities across, where access to sustainable menstrual products is difficult. Currently we've partnered up with two organisations:

1. Himalayan Blooms from Uttarakhand, a local self help group consisting of menstruators 

2. Samajbandh, an NGO working with menstruators of rural Maharashtra

3. Badlaav Foundation, a Pune based organisation that works towards providing access to menstrual products for people from lesser privileged economic backgrounds. Donated cups will go to menstruators in Leh, Ladakh via Badlaav. 

We fund raising for a total of 150 menstrual cups via Sponsor a Cup. You can donate INR 275 (inclusive of tax and facilitation costs), shipping charges to be borne by Boondh, to donate a cup to either of these two regions; providing sustainable period solutions to these menstruators that will last them 10+ years. Thesw group of menstruators consists of daily wage labourers and active community members, who spent a longer duration of time working on field, up on their feet. 

We believe in pro-choice approach to all things anatomy. The beneficiaries of the cups are introduced to Menstrual Hygiene Management via sessions that talk about Menstrual Health and Sustainable Practices before introducing them to the products + supporting them through the switch from disposable to reusable period products. These are menstruators who have actively chosen to use menstrual cups for a better period management in times of crisis. 

Benefits of a Boondh Menstrual Cup:

Lasts upto 10+ years and can holds upto 22 ml of menstrual discharge. Our cups are made of medically graded silicone and can be worn for 8-10 hours at a go. It comes with a detailed user manual and a branded cotton cloth pouch for safe storage. Boondh cups can be used by menstruators of all ages ranging from young menstruators, recent birthgivers and menopausal people. Serilization of the cup (in boiling water) is required only during the the beginning and end of the bleeding phase of the menstrual cycle. 

YOU can now sponsor a cup as a shared social responsibility of building a more accessible and sustainable future.  

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