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MHM Trainer's Toolkit

MHM Trainer's Toolkit

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The Trainer's Kit is designed to provide optimal support for MHM Trainer's working on ground with menstruators of varied age group from different socio-economic backgrounds who may not have access to digital platforms. Our aim for this kit is to reach and be used by menstrual health trainers and facilitators on field while demonstrating products or conducting a workshop.

The Trainer's Kit includes: 

1. I Have A Question - An introduction to diverse menstrual conditions for adolescents and adults/trainers of all ages. The book also includes a bunch of interactive exercises on 'how to start a conversation' around disability rights, menstrual disorders, gender spectrum and so on. 

2. Reusable products:

2a. One menstrual cup & two types of cloth pads - foldable & sanitary napkin design

2b. Cloth pouch to store period cup + plastic lined carry-on pouch.

3.Two disposable products:

3a. One Disposable napkin + one disposable tampons (to explain the contents of disposable products and it's effects on one's pocket and the environment) 

3b. Brown/newspaper bag with a red dot to dispose period napkins

4. Cut clothpad and cut sanitary napkin - to explain the contents of the products (to demonstrate the inner layers and materials that goes into making of a cloth pad and a disposable napkin)

5. A panty for demonstration purposes 

6. Dissected model of a rubber uterus- to demonstrate anatomy 

Bonanza: The kit also includes a pack of funcky stickers on menstruation, a few variety of cloth napkins for demonstration purposes, a newspaper to demonstrate waste disposal and a cloth pouch to carry your reusable products. 

Net Content: 13 units 


Q. Who is this kit for?

A. Anyone working in the field of menstrual health and hygiene. Be it a MHM Trainer or a volunteer working with adolescents or a govt employee working with menstruators. 

Q. Why does the kit include so many products? 

A. The Kit is designed to be a one stop solution for all menstrual hygiene conversations where a trainer can demonstrate everything related from anatomy - menstrual hygiene products - the material used to make those products 

Q. Why buy when we can show them pictures? 

- While pictures are a good depiction of the products, using 3D models have proven to give more support and reassurance about the products that they use. It also helps one confront the existing taboos and weigh in the information available in order to decide the best option for their body.

Q. Will the kit be enough for a training session or will we need more resources to initiate a conversation? 

- The Kit is designed to aid a trainer during sessions. One can also refer to Boondh's Outreach PPT as a resource to conduct an Menstrual Health and Hygiene Session which covers intensive topics like: anatomy, taboos related to menstruation, impact of period products on the environment, relationship between caste and menstruation and menstrual products. 

On every purchase of the MHM Trainer's Kit, you'll receive a downloadable version of our Menstrual Health and Hygiene: 101 PPT; via a printed QR code that comes along with the kit. 

 Here's to carrying on with the Period Talk! 

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