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Boondh Cloth Pad - Extra Large

Boondh Cloth Pad - Extra Large

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Shape of a Boondh Cloth Pad: Same as disposable sanitary napkin
Adhesive/ Glue: It is held in place by wings fastened to a snap button
Absorption & leakage: Multiple layers of cotton cloth, with a bottom layer of leak proof PUL
Duration: To be changed every 4-6 hours
Usage: Can be used upto 150 times/ 5 years
Sizes: S, M, L and XL
Colours: All four sizes are available in 4 colour variants
Allergens: None

- Can be used easily by menstruators of all genders and ages
- BCPs are upstitched by women from low-income communities in Hosikote, Karnataka, under training & guidance from Boondh. 
- Highly recommended for early menstruators and those experiencing postpartum bleeding, the small sized BCP can also be doubled as a panty liner
- End of life disposal: Undo the stitching and compost all the layers of cloth and thread. The snap button can be reused and the PUL (bottom most layer) can be sent to an incineration center
- Effect on the environment: No microplastic is released as in the case with reusable pads made with microfibre. Optimum usage of each Boondh Cloth Pad avoids ~960 disposable pads from going to landfills

We recommend starting with a set of 4-6 pads and eventually increasing as required.

To wash your cloth pad, soak them in cold water for 15-20 minutes after use, hand wash them with cold water and detergent or soap, and dry them in a ventilated area, in sunlight (acts as a disinfectant). Cloth pads should be completely dry before reuse. Use of an iron to dry cloth pads may affect its shelf life.

Boondh’s cloth pads offer an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable sanitary napkins (DSNs). Layers of cotton are stitched into a shape that resembles a DSN, except that as compared to the latter’s lifetime utility of 4-6 hours, cloth pads can be reused for upto 5 years with proper maintenance. Each pad can be used for anywhere between 120-150 washes (approx. 5 years for an average 3-5 day bleeding period.

We are always here for you in case you require any support! Email <> and we’ll get back in touch with you!

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