This toolkit has been designed primarily for those employed in news media. It will provide an insight into the existing reportage of menstruation and advise on how media persons can do a more responsible job of the same. It also empowers consumers to hold the media more accountable and consume news surrounding menstruation more responsibly and inclusively. The object here is to sensitize any reader about the weight of reporting and consuming coverage on this sensitive subject in an ethical, careful manner.

This toolkit has been designed (apart from stakeholder survey responses) based on coverage related to menstruation by 6 digital media outlets: The Times of India, Firstpost, The Quint, The Print, Huffpost and The Scroll - from Jan 2018 - June 2020. Apart from this, we have also been critical of certain articles that are not published by the above mentioned outlets but were shared with us by our survey respondents and other experts in the field of menstrual health and hygiene. The versions of the pieces cited are as on 25th August, 2020.

The goal of these citations is only to drive a point home, not defame, charge or accuse the publisher and Boondh advises that readers bear this in mind when engaging with this document.