Campus Catalyst Program

This six month long engagement program enlists young change makers to look at menstruation as a more holistic phenomenon through lenses of sociology, history, biology and the environment. Over approximately 40 hours worth of sessions, through statistics, films, art, books and much more, the Catalysts are trained in facilitating conversations around menstruation and creating safe spaces, and can practise leadership skills. We understand the importance of prioritising academics and account for it while scheduling the workshops and discussions. 

So far, our cohorts of Catalysts have used skills learnt during the program in closed room conversations, at an institutional level, as well as public forums including social media. 

If you’re passionate about affecting positive change in attitudes and practices regarding menstruation, this is just the program for you! Fill out this form if you’d like to participate in CCP 3.0 and we’ll be sure to get in touch when we open for enrollment!