Period + Protein Mix Combo

₹ 500

Boondh has curated a homegrown wellness product for YOU, now up for grabs. With every Teal or Mauve Boondh cup order placed on our website, you will receive a complimentary plant based protein mix from Cosmix.

Boondh cups are designed to give you the perfect period experience; a firm rim that creates a strong vacuum seal that protects you from leakage for 10-12 hours. Our cups are made of medically graded silicone that doesn't react with your body. They come in a standard size with a rounded tip for easier removal and the best part about our cups- IT ALLOWS YOU TO MEASURE YOUR MENSTRUAL DISCHARGE!

Cosmix Protein Powder is the cleanest, gut-loving NO NONSENSE PLANT PRODUCT that prioritizes your health and meets your daily protein goal & boosts metabolism. Tried & approved by Boondh!

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