The Crimson Wave

Launched on Menstrual Hygiene Day in 2017, i.e. 28th May, ‘The Crimson Wave’(TCW) is a non-profit initiative in menstrual art by Boondh.

Titled after a common euphemism used to describe one’s period, this project aims to bring the dialogue on menstruation to the mainstream. The central idea of the project is to curate artwork about periods, myths about menstruation and different representations of female biology from a diverse range of artists across the world. Contributions from across the world and India include Jen Lewis from Michigan, Lyla Freechild from Jaipur, Ramanjot Chana from Germany, Srividya from Bangalore, and Consuela Da Costa from Chile.

It is India’s first travelling menstrual art exhibition. Exhibited in a different city each year leading up Menstrual Hygiene Day, TCW has travelled to Chennai, Bangalore Goa and Delhi so far, and went online for its 2020 edition.

Erythrean, a sub-project of The Crimson Wave, features artworks created through the medium of menstrual blood. Artists who are interested in exploring this medium can be a part of the Erythrean Project. (Note: Boondh will be happy to support and engage with interested artists who are looking for cups to collect blood for artworks. Furthermore, for non-menstruating artists wanting to be part of Erythrean, we are certain we can figure out ways to collect blood for the artist to experiment and create with. Please reach out to us.)

We're always taking in new submissions so if you have a story to tell through your art, contribute to TCW here!