Boondh Friendship Pack - Set of 3 Cups

₹ 1,400

We introduce to you, a pack of three menstrual cups. For you and your friends, to switch to a safe, sustainable and affordable way of menstruating. The entire set comes in one color. Cupvert with your friends right away!

Life cycle of a Boondh Menstrual Cup: Lasts for 10+ years

Material: Medical grade silicone (certifications in accordance with US Pharmocoepia and USFDA) 
Size: Medium 
Firmness/ Sturdity: Medium
Maximum holding capacity: 22ml
- You can sleep, gym, swim and do sports wearing the cup
- You don't need to remove the cup while urinating or/ and excretion
- Comes with a detailed user manual and a branded cotton cloth pouch for safe storage
- No ancillary products such as steamer, special soap washes and panties are required
- Can be used by menstruators of all ages ranging from young menstruators, recent birthgivers and menopausal people
- Sterilization (in boiling water) is required only during the the beginning and end of the bleeding phase of the menstrual cycle. 

Menstrual cups take an average of 1-3 cycles to getting used. Boondh is here for user support in 4 Indian languages  on calls and

When you purchase a product at Boondh, you support menstrual literacy and reusable Boondh products for menstruators in lesser privileged communities. Thank you for supporting Boondh Social Foundation. :)

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