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Boondh Traveler's Panty Liner

Boondh Traveler's Panty Liner

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Perfect for easy hygiene on vacation!

Boondh Panty Liners offer an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable liners. Layers of cotton are stitched into a shape that resembles a disposable liner, except that as compared to the latter’s lifetime utility of 4-6 hours, panty liners can be reused for upto 5 years with appropriate maintenance. Each liner can be used for anywhere between 120-150 washes (approx. 5 years for an average 3-5 day bleeding cycle, avoiding approximately 960 disposable liners from ending up in landfills!).

Instead of the adhesive wings disposable liners have, Boondh Panty Liners have wings that are secured to one’s panty with a snap button. To ensure that they are leak proof, the bottommost layer of each liner is lined with a layer of PUL (plastic variant).

The absence of microfibers ensures that once the PUL layer is removed and disposed separately in dry waste, the rest of the cotton layers are completely* (a disclaimer for the method of composting needs to go at the bottom) biodegradable. Available in 4 different color variants.

Each liner can be worn for 4-6 hours. To care for your panty liners, soak them in cold water for 15-20 minutes after use, hand wash them with cold water and detergent or soap, and dry them under the sun. Liners should be completely dry before reuse. The use of an iron to dry panty liners may affect their shelf life.

Liner and their use are dependent on one’s own hygiene practices besides having access to sufficient WASH infrastructure (Water, Hand washing Soap, Detergent soap/powder, safe and dignified toilet with access to running water and tools to use it, Clothesline for drying under sunlight and a well-ventilated space).

The raw material for the panty liners are sourced from the textile hubs of Erode and Tiruppur in Tamil Nadu and with utmost attention being placed on quality. This is then upstitched at FORD Foundation, Hoskote in the outskirts of Bengaluru. The liner manufacturing process with FORD is a long lasting commitment towards building livelihoods for low income women already adopted and trained by FORD.

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