70% mothers consider menstruation dirty, perpetuating a culture of shame and ignorance. How do we change that?

Each of the 355 million women in India who uses a sanitary pad generates 120+ kg of non-biodegrable, un-sanitary waste. How do we change that?

In the last year, 2100 Boondh cups have helped reduce 1,68,000 kg of un-sanitary, non biodegradable menstrual waste. Join the movement.

With Boondh, 11,000+ girls and women have a better understanding of menstrual health and are period-positive. Join the movement.

Boondh cup



Made of medical grade silicone, causes no irritation and is convienient. You can swim and do more with it.



No need for anyone to pick your waste, segregate or treat it. Animals are not exposed to bio-medical waste. It enables dignity and well being of the community.



Disposable sanitary pads take 600-800 years to disintegrate, adding to the problem of plastic in oceans and landfills. Silicone used in Boondh cups is recyclable.

Sustainable Menstruation

Choose to manage your bloodflow during period more sustainably.
Take responsibility.

  Disposable Pads Boondh Cups
Absorption & Collection Mechanism External Internal
Activity Levels Can-not swim, not fitness friendly Can swim, run, do yoga, fitness friendly
Recommended Duration Before Change 4 hours 12 hours
Waste Generated 150 kg in a lifetime Zero waste
Active Life Cycle 4 - 6 hours 7 - 10 years minimum
Monetary Cost Associated in a Lifetime ₹60,000 - ₹1,20,000 ₹500 - ₹2,000

The Periodical Times

Is Menstrual Blood Really Impure? A Scientific Take on Myths and Facts of Menstrual Discharge

We as a species are yet to unravel the necessity to menstruate (and in turn procreate) as we do, as often as we do, and for as long as we do. This indeed is a difficult conundrum to deal with by menstruators and scientists alike!
A lot of what we presume is dictated by lived experiences combined with inherent worldly biases we may have inherited by virtue of our position in the pyramid of privileges. One such presumption that bears constancy is what constitutes menstrual discharge and its connotations to being impure and dirty.

Bharti Kannan, Founder, Boondh
I Ditched Sanitary Pads for Menstrual Cups.
Here’s Why

I started using a menstrual cup in October 2015 and can’t tell you how much my life has changed since. I am 23 years old and I have a severe condition of PCOD. So much so as to I’ve been hospitalised for extreme blood loss, given Keterol shots every now and then to cope with severe cramps.
A quick search on the Internet will give you many reasons to make the switch but I am going to mention the ones that most appeal to me and those that I discovered first-hand.

Sonal Jain, Co - Founder, Boondh

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I am a victim of heavy bleeding and extreme menstrual pain, and going to school wearing sanitary pads that caused me rashes while also fueling the fear of leakage was no less than a nightmare. Now I feel a lot more comfortable during my periods - thanks to the ease of using a Boondh cup! 11/10 recommended!

Kirti Tapadiya Age 13, Indore, School Student

I came for the sustainability and I stayed for the convenience of using the cup. I camp out at music festivals and jam in jungles and never sleep in the same bed for more than 4 days in a row. The cup has made the hassle of disposal of sanitary waste such a breeze. And the rumours are true. The cup does reduce cramps! I have used another cup brand before Boondh and I found Boondh’s vacuum far more effective. Plus, they're super affordable. Overall, I'd give Boondh Cup 5 stars and 15 rainbows!

Sofia Ashraf Age 30, Mumbai, Performance Artist & Digital Content Creator

Boondh cup has changed the way I experience periods after 30 years of bleeding. It has definitely made my menopause experience more comfortable and hassle-free. Sometimes I bleed over 10 days and the fact that I don't have to wear panties and pads is a blessing as that reduces rashes and irritation.

Sneha Sethiya Age 48, Rajasthan, Homemaker, has given four births vaginally

Since I have started using the Boondh cup, I don't have any rashes or irritation. It is very comfortable and travel friendly especially while commuting by local bus. It has saved me a lot of money that I can now use for other things. It is a great product.

Sumathi R Age 37, Chennai, Housekeeping staff, has given two births vaginally

It's a happy period! The Boondh cup ensures I have the most comfortable, carefree, safe and trashfree periods ever. I loved how easy to use it was. And the best thing about it was that I didn't need to worry about its size. I am glad I got the right brand in the first try. I highly encourage all girls to use it.

Olivia Deka Age: 19, Guwahati, College Student
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